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GUIDE: Setting Up Discord
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The Star Control FAQ
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Star Control Discord Server
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Stardock Downloading Your Products and Keys
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Star Control on Social Media
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Star Control: Tentative Schedule
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Fleet battles Beta feedback
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Feedback From Beta
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Mowling Ship's Laser / Beam Carver is pitiful.
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Purchased Beta Can't Get Game
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Zero Player Mode
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Star Control Fleet Battle Beta feedback.
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Aiming with Mouse
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How do i get access to beta when i bought Star Control Origins 20 october 2017 on steam
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My two cents
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Controller shoulder buttons reversed
4 Replies
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Super Melee weapon ideas thread
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Experiencing SC2 for the first time, from an SC1 Veteran
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Gog version has no way to share so I thought I'd do it here
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Star Control Origins Beta
3 Replies
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DGA Plays: Star Control: Origins
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MetalCanyon previews Star Control: Origins
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Rocket Boosters
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What I think so far...
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Ghosts of the Precursors
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Slingshot Effect
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Replenishing Crew
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Star Control: Origins - Fleet Battles Beta Trailer
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Star Control II: 25th anniversary - On the shoulders of giants
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Weekly Discussion - Best Moments in History
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Past Worried?
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Star Control: Origins - The lore we know so far
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Forums Changed?
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Moderators for Star Control..
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