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Discussions on political issues prohibited in this sub-forum.
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Emsisoft Emergency Kit version 3.0 is available.
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How-To: Unlocking Purchases of Start8
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'And another computer dies'
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How do I...
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Big week for gadgets!
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Ars Magica computer game kickstarter
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Who wants to help me? :)
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First computer game you played
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Update!!!!! Legends Of Pegasus Is Dead...Developers Throw The Towel And Are Bankrupt, Gamers Hosed...?
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This should end well…
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Now for the “dark side”… Huawei routers have serious security flaws…
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Video: Learning More about Microsoft Surface
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What happened to Impulse
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Microsoft Unveils Xbox Music
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On the lighter side: €11,721,000,000,000,000 phone bill
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BIOS Upgrade for Asus G73JH: Solved a heat issue - who knew?
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The power of review scores:
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Help Us Laugh!
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"Apps Central" - Member Tips for Useful Apps
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MP3 tagging
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Firefox 16 users: Critical security flaw discovered. Roll back to 15.0.1, or use another browser for now.
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Router Upgrade: Cisco to Airport Extreme
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Nexus 2 "The Gods Awaken"
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Political Machine Result: Mitt Romney vs Hillary Clinton
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Poltical Machine Result: Me (Henrique Mota)/ Michael Dukakis vs Ronald Reagan / Nixon
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Computer problem - no sound!!
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Some more help for your seasonal walls, and cards: 40 Free Fonts at
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Xbox 360 questions
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Star Lords 4x Strategy Game
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Music playback issue
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Smartype - A(nother) Truly Brilliant Invention!
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Excellent App to install your favorite software on a Cloud service or USB drive, etc.
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Really not a good first impression
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Would this PS3 game disc be playable?
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Fences 2 on CNET
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Snagit 11 Updated for Windows 8
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Dragon’s Call II Open Beta
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Which PC Tablet is best
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I need some advice regarding a problem with my computer
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Good article on password security….
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Sequel to Nexus: The Jupiter Incident announced
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Acension to the Throne
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Some Holiday Brushes for your Photoshop Pleasure…
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October’s Patch Tuesday Coming
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Carrier Command Gaea Missions
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Kindle White good, but heavy
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This is “The Breakthrough” for Modern Medicine. This is Huge.
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Memory Issues
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Living with Windows 7: Part 2 - Fences
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Ok it<s not really pc gaming but Xbox 360 question...
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